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Tools for Girls

Hey Girls Need Tools Too. They don't necessarily need the same tools guys use, but  Around the house or even building a house women are finding that the right tools can make life a whole lot easier. Many single moms don't want to spend money & time to hire a handyman and some of the married moms (like my wife) get fed up waiting for Dad to get around to minor repairs and maintenance.

According to a recent survey by the Home Improvement Research Institute, the number of home improvement products purchased by women have increased over the years. Women account for more than $70 billion worth of purchases in the home improvement industry, up from just over $55 billion in 1995.

The warehouse workshops and seminar mentality doesn't work for women. The simple fact is, hardware companies need to adjust their mentality when it comes to their approach to women. You can't appeal to women, by just taking a tool made for a man and painting it pink with flowers on the box. Women need tools that fit their grip, weigh less and accomplish task more efficiently. Hardware companies and Tool companies are just now coming on board with lighter cordless drills with smaller grip sizes that are just as powerful as the bigger so called "man size" tools. There is still a long way to go but more and more women are getting involved and getting the message out by empashizing their purchase power in the tool market. .

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