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Cornwell Tools is a manufacturer of automotive hand tools for the professional mechanic marketed through mobile franchises. Much like Snap-on,Cornwell is considered by many equal to Snap-on in quality and design. Cornwell tools are also relatively equal in price, or maybe a little less expensive depending on the area you live. Used Cornwell tools are a different story. They are just as highly sought after as snap on but pretty much equal price wise in our area of the country.


 The Cornwell Tool Company was founded in Northeastern Ohio in the early 1900s by Eugene Cornwell, a highly skilled blacksmith. His search to make "the best tools" by experimenting with various steels and heat treating methods brought Cornwell widespread fame as a high quality toolmaker. As the demand for high quality tools grew with the automotive industry, Cornwell's success continued to grow as well. The use of high-grade alloy steel, combined with modern heat-treating methods, has continued to produce Cornwell tools that have truly been "The Choice of Professionals" for over 85 years.

2007 will mark Cornwell's 85th Anniversary as a corporation. Eugene Cornwell initiated a notion that his company should remain in the family, and Cornwell tools has been family owned for its entire history. It fostered this notion by being the oldest in the business to provide direct sales through independent tool dealers.

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