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Matco Tools began in 1979 as a subsidiary company of the well known Danaher Corporation.. Since 1993 Matco Tools has been selling franchise locations at a very successful rate, thus used Matco tools can be found at thousands of locations around the world. The company is famous for the manufacturing and distribution of equipment and tools for mechanics around the country. Youíll be able to find everything from tool boxes to hand and power tools to larger equipment for your mechanics shop. If youíre interested in starting your own company make sure that you contact Matco to see what the requirements are for starting your own dealership.

Matco tool box

A Used Matco tool box is the perfect Matco product to hold all of your used Matco tools and equipment so you donít have to search the entire shop for something you have misplaced . Itís nice to know that a company you can count on like Matco not only produces quality tools and equipment,also has a tool box that you can count on just as much for durability and functionalality. Youíll find that the boxes made by Matco are the best that you can buy. You can find used Matco tools and boxes in a variety of styles, sizes, colours, and shapes there is one for everyone.

Matco truck tool box

Used Matco truck tool boxes are great for transporting your used Matco tools from one job to another. Youíll find a Matco box for your truck attractive and made with the same quality as Matco hand tools. Each toolbox comes with a lifetime warranty so you can bet that this is the last box that youíll have to buy for your truck. If you have a larger sized truck you may want to think about two Matco toolboxes for even more carrying room for all Matco used tools and equipment.

There are over 1,200 Matco franchises around the country. You should be sure to find a Matco dealer near you without having to look too hard. Look in the phone book for a dealer near you or check car dealerships and repair shop many will have accounts with the local Matco franchise. The next time you need to buy a toolbox or any other automotive tool, check out Matco and their new price then log on to Used Tools to see if we have it. Matco warrants used tools just like the ones you buy off the truck. Buying our used matco tools can save you a lot of money. We also deal in other brands of professional grade used tools like Snap on , Cornwell, Mac, SK, Craftsman, Kobalt and others.


Matco Tools is a manufacturer and distributor of quality professional automotive equipment, tools and toolboxes. Their product line now numbers more than 19,000 items. Matco guarantees and services the equipment they sell. Matco Tools is a subsidiary of Danaher Corporation, a Fortune 500 company.

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