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Used Snap-on tools, used hand tools, used power tools, industrial tools, used snap-on tool storage products, used snap-on tool boxes, automotive diagnostic products, and shop equipment used snap-on wrenchesat discount used prices.

Snap-on tools are arguably the top of the line in quality. Snap-on tools superior craftsmanship can be seen in the combination of design, durability and style. Snap on tools, new or used, are worthy of any high-quality workplace.

Specialty tools by snap-on, take the work out of hard to do, or hard reach jobs. Snap on tools are made with such precision, you won't believe how easy to use these automotive tools really feel, even the used tools. Snap on adjustable tools used or new, compared to other brands are the smoothest operating tools you've ever used.  Your job will seem effortless.

Snap on Diagnostic tools Currently Available on ebay

Snap-on understands the mechanics of the automotive repair business. Snap-on maybe the leading manufacturer and distributor of high-quality hand tools, as well as auto Diagnostic equipment and "under-car" shop implements, such as hydraulic lifts and tire changers. Customers include mechanics, car manufacturers, and government and industrial organizations. Snap-on products include air-conditioning service equipment, collision repair equipment, management software, roll cabinets, screwdrivers, tool chests, wheel balancers, and wrenches.

Snap-on Tool also understands the desire for innovative and stylish tool storage design, Snap-on Tool Chests and Roll Cabinets are considered by many, as the standard for design and superior, easy-to-use construction. In addition to keeping tools organized and in an easy-to-use system, many shop owners and technicians want to provide style and modern accents to enhance the look and feel of the shop.

Who are Snap-on competitors?

Some would say Snap on Tools have no real competitors especially in the automotive tool arena.  Companies like Cornwell, SK, Mac, Matco, Craftsman and others would of course, argue that point as would many mechanics, handymen and tool users. Snap-on competitors are primarily in the Hand Tools, Power Tools, Lawn & Garden Equipment industry.   Our used snap-on tools and our used discount pricing make us more than competitive with with the Snap on Franchise in your area.

Who are the main competitors in the tool industry?

Today’s mechanics, builders, construction contractors, handymen and handywomen are growing in numbers at an incredible rate.  The tool companies are scrambling, merging, combining, and redesigning to get better, stronger, more effective and attractive tools to this ever increasing market.  Demand is strong and prices are climbing and quality used tools are highly sought after by the trade.

Why Buy Our Used Snap on Tools:

Snap on tools are the most expensive tools you can buy.  Buy our used tools at discount used prices

They have a unique cut to their sockets and wrenches that will perform tasks that other tools will not.  You get the same quality wrenches, sockets, ratchets and other tools when you buy from us for lot less.  

They are chrome plated and look as good as they work.   Most every mechanic or anyone else for that matter, who buys snap on tools off the truck takes very good care of them.  Our tools may have some wear from careful use but most are in excellent condition.

Snap-On tools are not readily available to the general public: they are geared to the automotive professional.  We sell snap on tools to people who want to buy them.

Independant Snap-On dealers go from shop to shop in a rolling display truck and service professional mechanics and auto body technicians.  We are not going to chase you down at work.  If you want to buy quality used snap on tools just click here to browse our inventory.  We have other brands too.   Cornwell, Mac, Matco, SK, Craftsman, Kobalt, & Stanley.

They can supply anything from a simple set of screwdrivers to alignment machines.  Our inventory is limited to Snap on items we pick up through our many sources.  If we don't have something you would like we'll do our best to find it for you at a discount used price. Just sign up for our want list and we'll contact you.

Snap on carries a lifetime warranty and does stand behind their tools.  Broken ratchets are rebuilt and screwdriver blades are replaced.  Our Snap on tools are warranteed for life by snap on, just contact your local Snap on representative or contact snap on at their website.   


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